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TEST-U-CENTRE    "Testing Since 1997"

The Test-U-Centre began testing Vue Testing of Microsoft & Cisco certifications under the LearnTech label which continued operation until February of 2014.   At that time we provided both Prometric and Pearson Vue tests to a variety of Vendors.

In 2005 we added Athabasca and Windsor Universities to our offerings. As we became known other entities desired testing for their clients and we agreed to provide such service to any registered organization subject to our time and facilities.

In February, 2014 we moved our testing to a new building at 50 Niagara St. we completed this change with new phone and internet services.

Changes to Operations ( Non-Profit Service )

With this change we began a focus on University exams, we chose to drop the Industry Certification provided through Prometric and Vue due to the high personel and equipment overhead required.

Quiet Space and Professional Environment

To give you the best focus and opportunity to successfuly complete your exam

Free Parking Available

Parking spaces at the front of this building and the building next door.

Flexible Scheduling within Normal Hours

Exams starts are available between 9:00 am to 12:30 allowing completion by 4pm Monday through Friday.

Summer Schedule:

( Tuesday, Wednsday, Thursday same hours )

Exceptions and odd hours bookings:
     We can provide exams services in evenings subject to our personal schedules and additional fees.

Register with US before making University of Industry Arrangements
  • Book your time subject to the providers time requirements
  • Universities typically require 20 days
  • We require notice prior to your booking
Please Note: Our Fees are Cash Only (NPO)
  • All fees go to cover the cost of providing the exam environment.
  • Proctoring fee: $60
  • After hours fee add $10 or $20 depending on time & length